Brand partner - Swing Llight

"Take the time to escape from our daily lives and brighten the lives of those around us"

Swing Llight is a Bordeaux-based brand driven by the desire to contribute to the radiance of the moments of letting go for women of all horizons.

Thus, through our creations we wish to inspire moments of freedom, lightness and joy in accordance with the singularity of each woman. An additional source of pep that we also offer in the form of events organized around well-being.

100% French manufacturing respecting the environment.

All of our products are designed and produced in France, more precisely in a human-sized workshop in Bordeaux, concerned with the French know-how and the satisfaction of the final customer.

In addition to our commitment to Made In France, we are also very sensitive to the impact of the fashion industry on the world around us. That's why we use fabrics that respect the environment as well as our health and why they are carefully selected.

It is therefore natural that Swing Llight is part of the slow fashion movement for a sustainable fashion, creative and without waste.

What if we told you more about the manufacturing process of the Swing Llight pieces?

The first step, from idea to design, is driven by Aurelie, founder of the brand, who draws her inspiration from her daily life as an active woman, punctuated by work, leisure, sports, outings, family and friends.

Once the design is completed, the ideas take shape through the creation of patterns with the collaboration of a design office located in Le Bouscat on the outskirts of Bordeaux.

Then, the first prototypes are lovingly assembled in a sewing workshop in Bordeaux under the watchful eye of Aurelie, with exchanges with the seamstresses to merge the different skills and result in a product that meets the expectations of our customers.

The products are then tested by women from different backgrounds, in different activities and situations. Then, once the products are validated, they are finally put online at the disposal of our customers.

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Why Swing Llight ?

We wanted the name of the brand to reflect our state of mind which oscillates around lightness, fulfillment, escape and radiance in everyday life.

Hence Swing for the swaying movement that soothes us and Llight for the illumination of each woman's uniqueness in her daily life.

A few words about Aurélie ASSOUAN, the founder

Franco-Ivorian, from Abidjan to Paris, Aurélie has been immersed since her childhood in a cultural diversity that gives rhythm to her life and aspirations. In particular, the memory of family meals which was an inspiring, joyful and energizing cultural fair.

It is thus natural that the values resulting from these memories transpire in the universe of Swing Llight.

Therefore, the brand is driven by the desire to offer clothes reflecting moments of letting go of everyday life and always through the uniqueness of each woman.