Reboost Session by Massollo

The Reboost Session is a Massollo concept that offers a 55-minute session made up of:

  • 20mn to strengthen: fitness
  • 20mn to let go: dance
  • 15mn pour recharge: yoga

With the Reboost Session we want to share the good that sport provides and above all allow everyone to try out different practices, through a fun and dynamic course. It is also to allow people who are not very sporty or who practice a regular sporting activity, to break their routine through a convivial moment.

The coaches are selected for their passion and their desire to share. We try to vary our coaches at each Reboost Session, which brings a different dynamic according to their personalities and their ways of teaching.
It is also an opportunity for you to be able to discuss their disciplines with them.

Discovery, sharing, and new encounters are waiting for you!

Reboost Session In Bordeaux 

In this video you will find Iza, Wendy and Julie, who animated the Reboost Session of July 2021 in Bordeaux.

Reboost Session Paris 

We were also in Paris in January 2020 with Emma  and Rouki Nene !

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