Massollo presentation video (in French)


Allow active women to experience new things on a daily basis by sharing convivial moments with other people.

The story

"This memory of the mom who gathered the whole family on Sunday around a meal after spending the morning cooking with her sisters, cousins ​​and nieces, all dressed in loincloth with African print commonly called wax, while the men were busy with drinks and music. All these Sundays were punctuated with laughter, new stories to tell, new group games, new dances…

In short, we never got bored! ”

It is from this nostalgic memory that Wilfried and Léticia, brother and sister, had the idea to create Massollo, a sunny sports and leisure clothing brand which, like wax, exudes joy and friendliness.

Strong and rich in their evolution through different cultures and exchanges, having grown up between the Congo, Martinique and France, the two creators also knew how to crystallize and integrate this cultural whole into the personality of Massollo.

Indeed, the term Massollo is inspired by a Congolese dialect, Lingala, translating by "talks", meaning bridge and mix between ideas and people transcending borders. It is this momentum that Wilfried and Léticia wish to transpose via the African print onto unexpected and original fabrics and products that tell great stories; their story and that of others: a mother dressed in wax spreading her happiness, her kindness and her smiles; a sister converted into a dressmaker transmitting her passion for African print; a brother in love with travel sharing his cultural discoveries; and Agathe, a textile designer, who knew how to draw a new motif with African inspirations while drawing from her own superfine universe.

All these ingredients naturally merged to create the brand's first product: leggings; where the ethnic inspiration of Léticia is combined with Wilfried's passion for sport and that of Agathe for the sea. A product which today represents the foundation of Massollo's activity: the design of sports and leisure clothing .

The mission

Create a line of colorful, quality, aesthetic, comfortable and unique sports and leisure clothing, in particular through the brand's own motifs inspired by moments of joy and conviviality evoking sunny regions.

The Massollo brand aims to bring good humor into the daily lives of women, considering the clothes they wear as a reflection of their personality affecting their mood of the moment. The brand also wants to inspire sharing and especially cultural exchange. At Massollo, we also believe that a garment should not be a barrier to fulfillment; Hence our desire to design hybrid clothing that is as well suited to the practice of intense physical activity as to a moment of relaxation in order to suit the lifestyles of active and creative women.

Massolo wishes to offer a fashion complement combining comfort and elegance, which can be worn on different occasions.

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