A few salsa steps for your New Year's Eve party!

A sunny little rhythm, a beautiful dancer, smooth and gracious movements. To all those who admire these duets, it's up to you!
Milena, a professional dancer, will introduce you to salsa by teaching you some basic steps.
Little bonus! She teaches you some Colombian salsa footwork. It will swing!

Salsa is a sensual and graceful couple dance.
A game of seduction between two partners who take us in a sublime dance.
There are several types of salsa, and often we get a little lost!
The basic steps of salsa are almost all the same, what changes is the way of moving, as well as some steps that are specific to each dance.
Cuban salsa is danced with circular movements, the partners turn around each other. This salsa has roots in Afro-Cuban dances (mambo, cha cha cha, rumba...).
The Puerto Rican salsa is danced in line. It is also inspired by the cha cha cha, but adds its touch of jazz.
The Colombian salsa is more static. On a rhythm inspired by rock and steps close to swing, the partners dance face to face with rather complex footwork.

In any case, salsa in the generic sense of the term is a dance where the woman is honored. A good duet is a quality guidance by the man, and the quality of listening of the woman.

But be careful, we don't just have to follow ! That would be too easy...
Girls we must learn to understand the subtle body language of our partner, while being graceful. Learn not to anticipate and follow the dancer's improvisation.

That's it, you have something to show off at your New Year's Eve party 😉

There are two points about salsa that we want to highlight.
The first one is the sport contribution of salsa:
Salsa is a tonic and very rhythmic dance. This is where the cardio and the breath work. The body is toned; the legs, abs and buttocks are strengthened, all while keeping the back straight. The posture is therefore strengthened and the coordination improved.

The second benefit of salsa is self-confidence.
Dancing in general is a good way to express oneself and get rid of one's shyness.
Salsa invites you to meet and to get closer to a partner, whether you know him or not, because this dance is done in pairs.
We exchange, we learn from each other and especially the obligation to adapt to different people. One inevitably ends up being at ease!
Then we learn the attitude, and more we have it, more we feel better in our skin. Accompanied by our body embellished by beautiful, supple and graceful movements.

Well I think that we all want to run to register in a salsa class!

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