Pamper yourself for the holidays and that's it!

Well-being is not only about healthy food, sports, etc...

Indulging yourself is also good for your morale and therefore allows you to feel good and fulfilled.

Let's stop the frustrations, the guilt (I'm not sure of the shape I was in before). It is the time for family moments, good chocolates and good cakes (foie gras is too divisive).

Unless your doctor says otherwise, you have the right to be greedy, to have a little excess and not to look at your scale.

No slimming advice, or "treat yourself while being reasonable", we just want to write you these few words, to tell you to enjoy and especially not to feel guilty.

You can be careful if you want, but just don't get frustrated. It would be a shame during the holiday season, especially since this approach is likely to put your body in a state of withdrawal and expose you to a big breakdown at an unexpected moment.

So savor and enjoy your meals with your family, you'll get back to a balanced diet and your exercise routine in January when you make your good resolutions :)

A balanced diet is a long-term process, so you can afford small deviations during the holiday season. So don't feel guilty during these few days, you can listen to your body, your desires, and enjoy yourself because you deserve it.

Let's stop talking about dieting and being careful, if you are careful all year long it is precisely to be able to have your moments of letting go!

It's not Christmas every day, a good tasty moment with your family is better than a number on a scale.

So enjoy life! ❤️❤️

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